Welcome to our first edition of our new series of publications focusing on Revive, Refocus and Rebuild – The Journey Back to Better.

At the time of writing lockdown restrictions are easing, summer is on its way and there is generally more normality in our day to day lives. This led us to start thinking about the journey back to normality and what we could focus on over the next 12 months, although with so much uncertainty we have limited ourselves to three months at a time, giving us the opportunity to pivot and refocus the same way so many of you have had to over the last year. 

In this publication our tax team take the opportunity to look at some top VAT tips for better VAT recovery. They also look at other potential tax impacts and how you might access cashback for your organisation. Mark Jackson will be looking at how meetings could be managed moving forward, what are the “best bits” that we can take from online meetings are and how we can use this learning as we once again begin to meet in person – or not depending on how well you thought online board meetings have worked for you! Claire Thompson follows this up with her top tips for efficient board meetings – a revision for all of us whether they are online or in person meetings. 

Finally, Katherine Parkin considers fundraising in the new normal - this topic will be a running theme for many of you and something that I am sure we will revisit over the next 12 months, as we learn how to navigate the rules and public appetite for charitable giving. 

In addition to these quarterly publications, we also hope to bring you our regular newsletters to ensure you are always up to date in our fast-paced new world.

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