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Whether you're taking your business to the next level or building your personal wealth, tax can often become a major obstacle to achieving your ambitions. The fact that the UK has one of the most complex tax systems in the world makes it difficult to know where you stand and what allowances and reliefs are there for you to capitalise on. 

In order to assist with identifying tax-saving opportunities, our experts are providing short two-minute explainers on key topics. These will provide an introduction to initiatives that may be applicable to your circumstances. You can view our collection below, which is regularly updated with new areas of focus. 

National Minimum Wage

Kyle Newton, Director, discusses National Minimum Wage and the five main 'pillars' employers need to consider.

Growth Shares

Ray Abercromby, Partner, explores some of the benefits that come from the use of growth shares.

Short Term Business Visitors

James Wheeler, Partner, provides an example scenario of when a Short Term Business Visitor agreement may be required.

Child Benefit Clawback

Morag Watson, Partner, provides an overview of the child benefit clawback.

Charitable Giving 

Morag Watson, Partner, delves into the benefits of charitable giving.

Pension Salary Exchange

Richard Whitelock, Head of Employment Tax, outlines the key benefits of implementing a pension salary sacrifice scheme.

You are recommended to seek professional advice before taking or refraining from taking action based on the contents of these videos.

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