With the UK’s general election expected to be held in the second half of 2024, the upcoming Spring Budget on 6 March is likely to represent the last major fiscal statement before the electorate hit the polls.

In terms of the backdrop, the economic outlook is less gloomy than was predicted but there are still some murmurings of a recession being a possibility. The Chancellor therefore needs to strike a balance between party manifesto setting and providing tax incentives to aid economic growth.

As is always the case, predictions have been circulating in recent weeks on what will be announced. Inheritance tax being reformed, or even scrapped, is consistently speculated on. More recently there has been speculation on income tax cuts, which would provide voters with an immediate boost.  

In the immediate aftermath of the Spring Budget, our tax specialists will digest the announcements and assess their impact on businesses and individuals. Join our panel after the dust has settled as they cover the following:

  • The key announcements and their possible impact
  • Strategic tax planning tips ahead of April’s personal tax year-end – all with the aim of reducing or managing any associated liabilities and requirements.
  • Key tax planning opportunities that you should consider if you are a business owner

We will also have an extended Q&A session to allow for any specific queries to be answered, so please take the opportunity to submit any questions or areas you would like us to focus on beforehand.

No matter your query, we will consider it from the perspective of ensuring tax efficiency and minimising your tax burden. Questions can be submitted upon registration.

Details & Registration

Monday 11 March

Format and timings
12:00 Start
13:30 Finish
(There will be a Q&A session at the end)

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